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First of all WE welcome you to “The Flamenco Guitar” and thank you for your VISIT.


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My name is Marcos and I consider myself to be a passionate about the subject and culture of Flamenco Guitar. I have spent lots of time on this subject and the “Flamenco Guitar” project continues to excite me more every day.


Our aim is to offer the best flamenco guitars to all our customers. We offer the best sound quality and price from the top luthiers such as Gerundino Fernández, Manuel Reyes, Faustino Conde, Mariano Conde, Antonio Marin Montero Miguel Rodriguez and Jose A. Villalba among others.


We provide a friendly and personalised service , and you may try as many guitars as you wish to in pleasant surroundings.


Finally, I would like to dedicate a few words to Jose A Villalba for his dedication on each and every one of his guitars.


We hope you enjoy our work.


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