Gerundino Fernández

Many artists and purists have enjoyed being the owners of these fantastic instruments crafted by this great luthier, from a numerous and humble family, son of Dona Isabel García.

Born in Almeria on the 10th May 1931 (the eighth of ten children) and since 1956 devoted to the art of guitar making known worldwide as Gerundinas, with the help of his brother, Eladio, who provides for the materials required to manufacture their guitars.

Pedro Bacan, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Vicente Amigo, Paco Peña, Paco de Lucia, among others, are or have been owners of their guitars.

Gerundino won several awards such as The 1st Prize at the International Festival of Luthiers of Ronda in Málaga in 1978 and the 1st Prize for the best acoustics of the International Unesco's master guitar-makers of Paris in 1988.

He died in Almeria on the 14th March 2006.