First of all welcome to "La Guitarra Flamenca" and thank you for your trust.

My name is Marcos and I consider myself passionate about flamenco guitar and everything around it. After a long time dedicated to the world of the guitar and interested in its construction, the idea arises to form "La Guitarra Flamenca" a project that excites me more and more every day.

The main purpose is to offer all customers the best flamenco guitars both in sound, price, and quality, especially the best builders of which we can highlight: Gerundino Fernández, Manuel Reyes, Faustino Conde, Mariano Conde, Antonio Marín Montero, Miguel Rodríguez and Jose A. Villalba among others. Here you will receive a friendly and personalized treatment, where you will be able to try as many guitars as you want in a pleasant space. Finally, I would like to dedicate a few words to Jose A. Villalba for his great dedication and effort in each of his guitars. Thank you for being able to enjoy your work.