Hermanos Sanchís López

The history goes back to the year 1915; it is Ricardo Sanchís Nacher (grandfather) the founder of the House of guitars.

He was child when he began working with some Valencian guitarists of the time.

Later, he spent three years in Madrid, where Gonzalez, casa Ramirez filed a friendship with House… and above all with Domingo Esteso with whom he had a very good commercial and family relationship.

Ricardo Sanchís Carpio belongs to the third generation of guitarists who continue working in his workshop in Valencia, where he receives the visit of professional players such as: Ramón de Algeciras, Tomatito, and Enrique de Melchor.

It is currently the fourth generation which continues the tradition, the Sanchís López brothers (David and German) sons of Ricardo who oversees all guitars.

They continue caring for the quality, finishings and materials to get the best sound.