Hermanos Conde – Atocha, 53

In the year 1915, the guitar maker Domingo Esteso opened his own workshop where he built magnificent Spanish guitars.

Years later his nephew Julio Conde together with Faustino and Mariano began to work alongside his uncle Domingo Esteso, learning his technique of construction. After the death of Domingo still working in the workshop making is known as "Hermanos Conde nephew of Domingo Esteso".

In the 1950s, he opened a new workshop in Atocha Street, which is directed by July.
Many are artists such as Paco de Lucia, Niño Ricardo... among others, are those who have passed through his workshop to learn about their guitars.

After the death of his brothers, Julio continued to grow both inside and outside our country.

After his death July, her children and her granddaughter are those who continue the tradition of Hermanos Conde, taking detailed care in their work and professionalism.