Conde Hermanos – Felipe V

From the Conde dynasty, founded in Madrid by Domingo Esteso in 1915, in a workshop in Gravina Street.

Esteso trains his nephews Mariano, Faustino, and July thus creating the brand "Hermanos Conde".

On the death of Esteso, his three nephews still worked along with his wife Nicolasa, under the name "Viuda y sobrinos de Esteso" until her death.

So when they took charge of the workshop under the name of "Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso Conde Hermanos". Felipe Conde (1957) and Mariano Conde (1959) enter as Apprentices in the workshop of their father and uncles.

Mariano, along with their two children Felipe and Mariano in 1980 opened a workshop the Calle Felipe V, under the name of "Conde Hermanos sobrinos de Esteso successor"

After dying Faustino and Mariano, Felipe and Mariano are still working in the workshop of the Calle Felipe V under the name of "Conde Hermanos successors sobrinos de Esteso" known as "Conde Hermanos".

The most recognized artists in the world played the guitars of Conde: for example, Manolo de Huelva, Sabicas, Paco de Lucía, and Mariano Escudero.