Marcelo Barbero

Marcelo Barbero is considered one of the most important luthiers in the 20th century. He started this profession in José Ramírez II´s workshop. After Santos Hernández´s unexpected death in 1943, his widow, Matilde Ruíz, commisioned Marcelo Barbero the task of finishing the guitars Santos left unfinished, using the tools and workshop located in 23 Aduana Street, Madrid. As a result, in this period, Marcelo managed to learn the secrets and methods Santos had developed all along for the making of his guitars, thus becoming his only disciple and trainee, even if indirectly.

Obviously, this is the reason why the guitars made by Marcelo Barbero after his entry in Santos Hernández´s workshop are the most valued by the great collectors all around the world. They are guitars with remarkable lightness, but extraordinary sound quality, with a quick but accurate response, as well as a unique flamenco personality.