Gerundino Fernández (son)

Gerundino Fernández Llamas was born in Almería in 1974, son of Gran maestro Gerundino Fernández, who since his birth has been surrounded by guitars and learning the trade helping his father and mother to perform tasks for the construction of guitars.

From a very young age, it was very normal that he was sent tasks such as putting pawns, sanding wood, preparing ribs, gluing and from older to prepare tapas, backgrounds, to give the cut to the fillets etc and also always close to his parents because the workshop was in his own home.

He also has the virtue of being a great wood connoisseur, since he could also be and travel with his uncle Eladio (Gerundino Fernández's brother) from whom he learned everything about the location, cutting and selection of the best woods that Eladio prepared for his father.

Gerundino son after his father's death and after years of reflection it is finally in 2015 when he decides to continue with the tradition of his father making guitars in the same way and using all the tools and woods of his father.

His guitars are of great acoustic quality and totally handmade, respecting the tradition and the typical sound of a Gerundina.