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La Guitarra Flamenca is proud to present, exclusively, a limited edition of guitars built by Gerundino Fernández (son), built in river rosewood of 1966 with its respective accredited documentation, and cedar board, which has been under a drying process for more than 35 years.

We would like to thank the master guitarist Gerundino Fernández (son) for the great work done with his guitars, taking care of every little detail and building process with extraordinary mastery and precision, in order to be able to offer an excellent sound, and keeping the tradition and methods of his father.

In order to offer the quality and beauty of these instruments, La Guitarra Flamenca is collaborating with Juan Heredia Percusión, and the following video has been recorded by Angel Doraro Estudio.


Tarrito ———— Guitar

Paco de Mode ———— Percussion

La Fabi ———— Hand-clapping

Zambullo ———— Voice and hand-clapping

Héctor Baeza ———— Assistant technician

Angel Dorao ———— Recording and mixing

(Musicart Barcelona)

Gustavo Gómez ———— Mastering

(Estudio Last Monkey)

Cajones JH percussion